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Pioneer Woman

Monologue for a woman. Received Equity production by Studio Z in 1996. The Monologue Show


The Prejudice Against Theatre

Explores the roots and processes of anti-theatre (mostly Christian) prejudicial attitudes in history. Roman, Medieval, Italian Renaissance, English, and modern eras. Presented at ATHE in 1991 and since published.

The Impact of Western Economy on Chinese Culture, or, How to Throw Peace in the Rubbish for Nike Shoes

Explores the cultural manipulations during China's 1989 incident at Tiananmen Square. This paper attempts to identify the cultural conflict involving how Western economy related to the students' idea of democracy and the consequent threat to the government. Presented at the Peace Colloquy in 2002.

Equus Commercial Jingles

Here's a link to the jingles in the play, Equus. It took me days to find them, so I thought this just might be appreciated by other directors.